Euroengel World

Euroengel is an italian company with more than 25 years of experience in the professional refrigeration sector for the temperature controlled transport.


Always  looking for new solutions for a market which is costantly evolving, the Euroengel’s R&D department is able to develop end create customized products in order to satisfy every need.

Our story

Euroengel srl history started in July 1993 with a joint venture between italian business partners and the japanese company Sawafuji Electric, 12 v fridges’ manufacturer. Using the brand “Engel” the company started assembling portable fridges in Europe. During more than 25 years Euroengel has established itself as a worldwide landmark in the development and production of refrigerating systems, specifically for professional refrigerating containers.

Our brands

Euroengel is a market leader in the production of mobile solutions for temperature controlled transport. Moreover, Euroengel develops and produces refrigerating systems for others fields of application such as air conditioning systems. Euroengel is an House of brands: for each product’s line the choice was to build a precise and recognizable identity through dedicated brands.

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