Euroengel kept growing, in 1997 the japanese partners left the group but the company continued its activity developing different successfull models for the automotive after-market, for the spare time sector and pleasure boating. In this period  12V Danfoss BD series compressors also began being used.

In the early 2000 Euroengel launched into production portable fridges with rotational molding technology.

In 2002, from the collaboration with La Rude, was born the PICCOLO Splitter cabin air conditioner, with its model “PS100”. Two years later, in 2004, the new version was presented: PS3000. During 2006, the new 140 liter portable refrigerator model -designed exclusively for the professional market – was being launched and Euroengel started a collaboration with the German group Waeco.

In 2009 Euroengel stopped the production of leisure and nautical markets models and focused exclusively on the professional market, continuing the development of larger models with high performance and quality, designed for the transport of food and medical products. In the same year the company began a partnership with the German group Eberspächer,  which became  the distributor of Euroengel’s models in various foreign markets.

Experience, expertise and quality made possible the persentation of Euroengel‘s professional mobile refrigerators at several international fairs, in collaboration with market leaders such as Fiat Professional.


In 2011 Ingersoll Rand Thermo King qualified some Euroengel’s models and began their distribution with the “TK ColdCube” brand. The collaboration is still in progress in the EMEA area.

In 2012, took place a deep restyling of the PICCOLO Splitter cabin air conditioner , with improved performance and aesthetics. Thanks to the continuous innovations, research and its performance, PICCOLO Splitter managed to be selected as an aftermarket accessory by OEM operators such as Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks. In the two-year period 2016-2017, important changes guaranteed a further growth for the company. New models were put into production, including specific solutions for the logistics market, and versions with autonomous power supply (AuO), ideal for electric vehicles in urban distribution, began being tested. A project based on the use of AuO refrigerators on board Nissan and NV 200 electric vans was awarded during the SmartCity World Expo Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

Also in 2017 the international brand COLDTAINER was registered to guarantee a specific identity to the professional mobile refrigerators, immediately recognizable.

In 2018, the 25° company’s anniversary, the new website was put online and the new international distribution policy based on “Coldtainer Center” has been launched. In the same year COLDTROLLEY, refrigerated unit for the conservation of the corps for the funeral industry, has been launched too.

In 2019 Euroengel continued its grow reaching a presence in more than 30 countries around the world. Furthermore, during the international fair HostMilano, the company received the Innovation SMART Label award promoted by and Fiera Milano “for products with a high innovation content, which propose breaking and overcoming consolidated trends in the cold chain” thanks to the Coldtainer F0720 Auo model.


In 2020 differents models of the Coldtainer’s range were selected as official accessories from Mopar, official service partner for all the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands.

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